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ROV Innovations conduct full High Definition (1080p) and Ultra High Definition (4K) underwater surveys and inspections through Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV’s), High Resolution Sonar, and Aerial Inspections with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs - or drones).

ROV Innovations are also an authorised distributor for ECA Hytec and can supply their French made range of specialised ROVs into Australia and New Zealand. ECA are renowned for their expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Since 1936 they have been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments

Queensland, Australia

Underwater Photogrammetry


Christmas Island Trial

Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, Australia.
Over 4500 images were collected to complete this underwater orthomosaic following an old mooring chain through reef on Christmas Island. The orthomosaic is approximately 30m long and 6m wide and was collected by hand using a specialised custom designed rig with 3 underwater cameras.

Being able to obtain photorealistic underwater 3D models of the environment allows us to provide valuable data for researchers which can be analysed back in the lab by members of the team that were not actually on site. Geo-referencing these 3D models allows us to collect data over time which assists in a wide range of research including coral reef monitoring, effects of climate change, and monitoring pollution.

Christmas Island Flythrough

Christmas Island
Christmas Island Chain Flythrough HD from ROV Innovations on Vimeo.

This is a visual fly through of a 3D point cloud generated by underwater photogrammetry at Christmas Island. The methodology used in this survey provides a photo realistic 2D orthomosaic of the site as well as a 3D model from the individual points obtained in the post production. This combination of results allows for species identification, growth rates, composition etc as well as an understanding of the complexity of the habitat in question.

Asset Inspections


Boondooma Dam Wall

Boondooma Dam, Queensland, Australia
ROV Innovations were tasked with completing a full underwater inspection and survey of the Boondooma Dam wall with both Hi Definition ROVs for video and high resolution sonar. While on site we completed an aerial survey for the client, which allowed us to generate a complete orthomosaic of their asset. We then used parts of the orthomosaic to overlay the other datasets from the underwater survey, allowing the client to have a complete view of their asset from both above and under the water.

Boondooma Spillway

Boondooma Dam, Queensland, Australia
While completing the above work on the Boondooma Dam wall, the client also mentioned that the spillway itself was completely dry. This allowed us to complete a programmed flight over the spillway to generate a 3d Model and orthomosaic for the dams engineers.

Environmental Surveys

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Tweed Estuaries

Tweed River, New South Wales, Australia
This small orthomosaic was completed as a trial for an coastal environmental consultancy who were looking at implementing aerial capabilities into their surveys and assessments of areas of significant importance.
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