1. Purpose

1.1 Drone Industries Ltd. recognises that its day to day business activities impact upon the environment. We are committed to integrating best practice into our business activities and to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations.

1.2 We will assess and address these impacts through an environmental management system and will set and review objectives in order to continually improve our environmental performance.

2. Key environmental commitments

2.1 To comply with all environmental legislation and regulation and implement programmes in line with legislative requirements; to better and extend these where possible.

2.2 To establish environmental objectives and targets and measure performance against them.

2.3 To minimise the generation of waste by adopting improved operating practices.

2.4 To dispose of unavoidable waste in a responsible manner and recycle materials whenever practical.

2.5 To consider environmental impacts as an essential element when evaluating new operations and integrate environmental considerations and objectives into our business decisions.

2.6 Give preference to using equipment and technology that uses energy efficiently and wherever possible attention will be given to minimising avoidable energy consumption and loss.

3. Communication, monitoring and review

3.1 To promote responsibility for the environment within the Company by communicating this policy and our targets to all staff.

3.2 This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure its continuing effectiveness

4. Responsibilities

4.1 This policy applies to all personnel throughout Drone Industries Ltd. whether full or part time, temporary, casual, fixed term or permanent and those who are conducting business on the Company’s behalf.

4.2 The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the monitoring and implementation of this policy.

Reviewed by :: Ben Mawhinney

31st May 2019