'Gresham Wreck'

In 2004 during dredging operations in the Princes Channel (part of Thames Estuary), an Elizabethan shipwreck circa 1570. was discovered. Believed to be owned by Sir Thomas Gresham due to insignia found on a gun, the wreck is more commonly known as ‘The Gresham Wreck’. Around 20% ofthe shipwreck was raised and moved to Hersea Island for a 5 year research project “The Gresham Project”. The timbers needed to move from Hilsea Island and space was donatred by Stoney Cove Dive Centre. The timbers now lay at a depth of around 6m below the water surface. The wreck remains are used by the Nautical Archaeological Society to train members in underwater archaeology. The wreck was scanned and modelled in December 2021 by Marcus Blatchford. The model is scaled using 1m straight and 25cm angled X/Y scale bars.